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PSV Mauser – 1st barefoot SA horse to go to the World Champs!

PSV Mauser and Francois Seegers at the Schanskraal FEI *** 100 miler. They were they only Heavyweight pair to finish.

Size does matter. There are more endurance horses disadvantaged by being too big, than those that are too small. 14.3 is our favourite size.

Perseverance Mauser is a purebred, 14.3 Arabian gelding. His grandsire was the Polish Arabian stallion Khyberie. Khyberie has produced many top endurance horses. The rest of Mauser’s pedigree is predominantly Crabbet/ Old English.

Mauser is the complete all-rounder – over any distance, in any condition, and with any rider he does incredibly well. This year alone he has done two FEI *** hundred milers, one with a Standardweight rider in 9h49, and the other with a Heavyweight rider in 10h09. He was entered in his first Fauresmith 201km ride, and came 17th in the Young Riders, and he did brilliantly in the soft sands of Dune 7 at the Walvis Bay African Championships, and placed 11thin the Heavyweights!

PSV Mauser and Francois Seegers at the FEI ** African Championships in Walvis Bay, August 2011. They placed 10th in the Heavyweights over 120km

Mauser was the Eastern Cape Young Rider Champion horse at rocky Schanskraal in 2010, where he finished the 120km in a blistering 5 hrs 53 min.He also took first place at the 2011 Lormar120km in atrocious conditions – pouring rain and oceans of mud – but this time with a Heavyweight rider.

In April this year in the heat and sand of the South African International Challenge at Modimolle, he completed the 120km in 6h49, to help the Eastern Cape Young Riders team to 3rd place!

Prior to competing, Mauser underwent an extensive conditioning program to ensure strong legs and hooves. He has completed all his endurance riders with ease, and only failed a vet check once, on pulse. Mauser is a keen horse and enjoys competition, but is easy to ride. He has a big heart and good recovery times, and is also very, very fast. Like most winners he is highly opinionated and tries to take charge if the rider is not strict, but his strong character is part of his success.

Mauser has 1860km on his logbook, and has a long career ahead of him. In the ERASA 2010/2011 distance rankings, Mauser is in 4th place. All this of course, barefoot, and with never even a boot…

Barefoot horses rebound sooner after competition than shod horses.

Laura Seegers and PSV Mauser have been selected to ride for the South African team at the FEI World Endurance Championships  at Euston Park, United Kingdom on 25 August 2012.  This is a massive honour, as she is one of only six riders chosen.  The others are Naomi Muller, Gillese de Villiers, Eoné Willemse, Corrie van Niekerk and Jacques Grobbelaar.

Laura is the only rider from the Eastern Cape, and this is another important milestone for the barefoot community, as Mauser will be the first barefoot South African horse to compete at a World Championship.

YOU could win a Wild Coast Horse Safari worth R35,000, by buy a R100 (£10) ticket for Laura & Mauser’s WORLD CHAMPS RAFFLE!


DOB: 4 January 2004 – 8 years old

Grey gelding – Purebred Arabian, not registered – 14.3 hh

Sire: Lormar Firehawk – Dam: Condara Lee-Ann

PSV Mauser & Ashley at the 2011 South African International Challenge in Modimolle, competing for the Eastern Cape Young Riders. Their team placed 3rd.


About Perseverance

PERSEVERANCE Arabian & Endurance Horses have special Arabian bloodlines, they have functionally beautiful bodies, and they do endurance barefoot. TEAM PSV: Francois & Laura Seegers, Gurth & Rosemary Walton, Lucy Dixon, Donalyn Hennessy & Ashley Gower. www.endurancehorse.co.za


15 thoughts on “PSV Mauser – 1st barefoot SA horse to go to the World Champs!

  1. We’ll done!!! 🙂 Hoooray!

    Posted by Annelle | January 9, 2012, 5:27 pm
  2. Nice! I am glad to hear more and more riders opt to go barefoot internationally. I rode WEG 2010 barefoot on Aces Comett (owner Kattie Shah) and finished 42nd. Namibian rider Anna Wucher finished after me also on a barefoot horse (owner Cecilia Butler-Stasiuk). And owner Darolyn Butler had another 3 horses barefoot in the race.

    Good luck! I’ll be rooting for you Laura and Mauser.

    Cecilia Strahle Engquist

    Posted by Cecilia Strahle Engquist | January 11, 2012, 7:15 pm
  3. Just great! Keep going!

    Posted by Anna | January 12, 2012, 5:00 am
  4. Beautiful! Such a happy, healthy horse! You look great together.

    Posted by Catherine Ritlaw | January 14, 2012, 11:39 pm
  5. It’s great news to hear about other barefoot horses competing. Darolyn Butler was an inspiration to us when we first took the shoes off our endurance horses ten years ago. We have learned so much! There is a growing band of barefoot endurance riders in South Africa. Many of them now look to us as an example, just as we looked for inspiration elsewhere before. Cecilia, do you use boots at all, or do you ride without them?

    Posted by Laura | January 18, 2012, 8:02 pm
    • Laura, I ride without whenever it it possible. The WEG course in Kentucky was awesome (except one nasty gravel road) for bare feet or I would have booted. Darolyn certainly is an inspiration and she is the one that taught me about barefoot – and got me in to endurance – as well as planting the seed about WEG. Ask her about the London course unless you have been there too. She was there to observe pre-WEG.

      I don’t know if you know, but Valerie Kanavy (world champion 1994 and 1998) has switched over to riding with boots on all her horses and achieving success. She rides mostly in Renegade Glu-ons and that seems to work for her.

      Posted by Cecilia Strahle Engquist | January 19, 2012, 1:41 am
      • I had the privilege of standing in a slow moving queue last April behind Valerie Kanavy. She had come over to take part in our South African International Challenge ride (which we call Tri-Nations). What an opportunity it was to meet, and we soon got to talking about barefooting. She told me she had a mare who went lame every time she was shod, so in desperation she had put her in boots, and how well that was working. One of my team mates for World Champs 2012, Eone Willemse has worked with Valerie and she told me this weekend that all the horses are now in boots! Eone has qualified for WC on Valerie’s horses and maybe she will be riding for our SA team on a US booted horse. I do believe that keeping horses barefoot and riding them with or without boots is the future.

        Posted by Laura | January 19, 2012, 8:38 am
  6. You can tell a gelding, you can ask a mare, but you must discuss it with a stallion.

    Posted by todays date | January 22, 2012, 8:47 pm


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